Nick's Mix 6 (Red & White)

Nick's Mix 6 (Red & White)

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A hand selected range of sensibly priced wines to top up your cellar.  Choose from mixed red and white or just white or red.

1 x Altozano Verdejo - Sauvignon Blanc

1 x Altozano Tempranillo - Cabernet Sauvignon

1 x Peter Lehman Wildcard Chardonnay

1 x Peter Lehman Wildcard Shiraz Cabernet

1 x Torre del Falasco Gargenega

1 x Torre del Falasco Corvina

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If you would like us to help you choose a special selection of wines just phone us on 01900 823 000 and we can guide you through our whole range. Packing and shipping is tracked overnight to the whole of the UK for just £6.99.