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Two floor delights! Downstairs the home of artisan cheese, fine wine and handcrafted chocolates. Upstairs serving coffee, tapas and wine.


It all started when...

Shill's is all about our lives, with experiences from past careers, holidays, parties and hobbies. The mix of products in our shop are there because we like them and we hope you do to! 

Wendy grew up in Keswick and went to Lairthwaite School. Trained as a hairdresser and that took her on a journey around the world. Meeting people and taking advantage of great chances Wendy has crewed on yachts, travelled to Jamaica and even ridden the Presidents polo ponies in Delhi. Her cooking skills started with catering for private parties in Surrey.

Nick grew up in Buckinghamshire close to Windsor. After leaving school he started farm work and attended Newton Rigg Agricultural College near Penrith. He worked in Canada on a large grain farm in 1972, and returned to the UK to extend his agricultural experience.

With a stint in the bar tending world Nick and Wendy met in 1977. In 1978 they were married. 1985 saw their first foray into business running and owning the Cumbria Hotel in Keswick. In 1988 they moved to the Ivy House Hotel in Braithwaite.

The hotel was sold in 2002 and employment was resumed. After working on the Paris Rungis Food Market Nick became the Wine Consultant for Grapevine the Wine Company at Embleton but the business bug was still there and Wendy had spotted the little shop at 11 Station Street in Cockermouth.

What to do, what to do? A mix of food and wine was obvious but how would it all fit. A visit with the keys uncovered the back room and the shop was on! Nine years later we have grown into our new premises, started a wine and tapas bar and developed our new website.




There are so many different aspects to our business here in Cockermouth.

Shill’s Cafe and Restaurant in Cockermouth, Cumbria
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