Shill’s Gin List

We’re extremely excited to launch our new gin selection, we’ve long been getting enthused about one of the nation’s favourite tipples and hope you find something on here that speaks to your taste. We’ve arranged them by price to keep things easy. Simply choose a gin that sounds like it’s up your street, choose your mixer and then two garnishes, or check out the gin cocktails list for some even more exciting concoctions!

Bedrock Gin
Since its creation in 2008 the singular smoothness, refreshing citrus character and unique blend of botanicals distilled with Cumbrian kiln–dried oak bark of Bedrock Gin has been celebrated and recognised by worldwide industry awards – most recently winning a gold medal in the 2016 IWSC. Just try it and see!

Edinburgh Gin
Distilled in a 200-year-old copper pot still with a combination of traditional gin botanicals – juniper, citrus peel and orris root – and some more unique, Scottish botanicals which are mixed with heather and milk thistle, and added at the final production stage
£3.20 per 35ml or £4.50 per 50ml

Edinburgh Elderflower Gin
The delicious gin previously mentioned, infused with 100% handpicked elderflower for a delicious and delicately balanced elderflower gin
£3.20 per 35ml or £4.50 per 50ml

Big Boss Gin
A marvellous Portuguese concoction distilled with classic juniper, citrus and coriander with an unexpected kick of aniseed
£3.20 per 35ml or £4.50 per 50ml

Siderit Lime and Ginger Gin
Made with rye, lime, ginger and cardamom this Spanish gin is an amazing base for yummy cocktails or just with a ginger beer!
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Siderit Hibiscus Gin
From the same Spanish distillery as the previous gin, this delicate and floral hibiscus based drink is just girly perfection
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Sikkim Strawberry Gin
Fraise Sikkim Gin is made with red tea and other botanicals such as cranberries, iris and bitter orange peel but the most distinctive flavour is delicious strawberry – so fruity!
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Sikkim Bilberry Gin
Coriander, juniper, blueberries and bilberries give this gin a perfectly delicate balance of fruitiness, we love it
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Sipsmiths Sloe Gin
Distilled in London by three friends, this high-quality sloe gin uses less sugar than many recipes which allows it to display the natural flavour and sweetness of the hand-picked Dartmoor sloes that go into making it
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Hoxton Gin
A gin with a difference – this slightly sweeter style of gin is distilled with coconut, grapefruit tarragon and ginger by highly reputed mixologist, Gerry Calabrese
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin
Spanish Pink Grapefruit is chopped fresh and macerated in the very best English Wheat spirit, then cold vacuum distilled to keep freshness and purity and blended with 11 other botanicals to create this lush, vibrant pink grapefruit led gin. Made in the smallest micro-distillery in the UK!
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

The Botanist Gin
Distilled by Bruichladdich on Islay with 9 traditional botanicals and then augmented in a copper pot-still nicknamed ''Ugly Betty’ the botanist gin was a runner up for the Contemporary Gin Trophy 2016 in the International Wine and Spirits Challenge
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

The King of Soho Gin
Smooth and full bodied, this gin was created by Howard Raymond in tribute to his father Paul Raymond, whose adult club and publications based in Soho, central London changed the fortunes of the area, to the point that he became known as ''The King of Soho''
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Bedrock Export Strength Gin
Retaining all the wonderful satin smooth flow of the normal Bedrock (40%) the Export Strength version (46%) adds a fuller botanical experience in which the juniper arrives a little later and lasts longer on the palate
£4.35 per 35ml or £5.80 per 50ml

Williams Chase Elegant Gin
This full bodied, crisp yet fruity Herefordshire gin is distilled from the farms organic cider apples. The raw spirit is tempered down to 40% abv with spring water drawn from a source on the farm and then hand bottled
£4.85 per 35ml OR £6.95 per 50ml

Deaths Door Gin
A simple botanical mix of organic juniper berries, coriander and fennel gives this gin its full flavour. Loaded juniper berries up front, spicy, citrusy notes from the coriander seeds in the mid-palate with a soft, cooling finish provided by the fennel seeds
£4.85 per 35ml OR £6.95 per 50ml

Audemus Pink Pepper Gin
Pink Pepper Gin is not made by the London Dry Gin method, instead each aromatic is macerated separately in alcohol then distilled under low pressure and temperature, to create concentrated aromatic extracts. The recipe includes hand-picked Spanish pink peppercorns, juniper and a selection of several other spices. Deliciously aromatic
£4.85 per 35ml OR £6.95 per 50ml:

Mixers £1.95

Fentimans Tonic

Fentimans Light Tonic

Fever Tree Tonic

Fentimans Ginger Ale



Lime – Lemon – Grapefruit – Orange - Cucumber - Rosemary – Basil – Thyme – Mint – Coriander - Tarragon

Shill’s Gin Selection board £10.00

Pick a shot of any 3 Gins from the first two price categories for just £10 and get sampling!!











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