Gin. A drink loved by many; consumed by even more; the tipple of choice and the ruiner of lives (you’re telling me you’ve not had a night where you blamed the gin for the state you were in? Ok, just me then!). It seems that everyone and their cat has enjoyed the recent growth of all things gin; its hard not too when everywhere you turn there’s a new flavour or gimmick to be admired. Although the boom in new flavours is definitely a 21st century first, Britain’s ‘Gin Craze’ took off hundreds of years ago.

The name was given to a period of the 18th century when the whole country went into overdrive over gin. After major conflicts with France, the government restricted brandy imports and encouraged the gin production here in the UK by reducing taxes on the distillation of spirits and made it possible to make them without a license. It’s safe to say that the retraction of the licenses didn’t last long as gin related violence grew throughout the country! But nevertheless, this was the start of the great trend we know and love today.


Our collection of gins and gin liqueurs has grown massively over the last 12 months, with products coming from all around the UK, France and even Japan. However, wanting to support local businesses we went on the hunt for something produced in Cumbria that was just as delicious if not more than the rest of Britain. And boy did we find it!


Lakeland Liqueurs are just one part of the Lakeland Artisan company, who also produce delicious chutneys, preserves and cordials. We started to stock the liqueurs around the end of summer last year, with the appeal of the vintage swing top crocks as their packaging and some interesting flavours. Not only were sales instantaneous as soon as they hit the shelves, they just kept growing and growing. Their popularity over Christmas especially was amazing! I’m not surprised though, all the flavours taste fab, there’s something for everyone and the large bottles come in under £20!

Enjoy Lakeland Liqueurs with your favourite tonic in our wine bar!

Enjoy Lakeland Liqueurs with your favourite tonic in our wine bar!

We stock 3 vodka-based liqueurs; Cherry, Honey & Raspberry as well as 4 gin liqueurs; Rhubarb and Ginger, Elderflower and Rose, Damson & Herbaceous Strawberry. All these flavours are available on our shelf in a 500ml bottle and a 40ml miniature, perfect for gifts and hampers.

They also now take pride of place on our restaurants spirit list too as well as being used in some of our most popular cocktails, so you can enjoy them with your meal too!