Without wanting to get too controversial too early into my new-found blogging career, I must utter the dreaded ‘B’ word, Brexit, to give our newest addition some much needed context. Please note that this word will be kept to a minimum throughout this post for your reading pleasure!


With a looming notion of uncertainty hanging around the country and what this move will mean for small businesses like ourselves, we actively started to look for changes that we could implement to help reduce the impact of this decision in the future. 95% of our wine stock is imported from around the globe meaning price inflation from suppliers could be a regular activity and will often cause more problems than it solves. It’s always hard for us to explain to customers why a bottle of has suddenly increased by £3.50 overnight and lately Brexit has been our answer. And whilst there is no getting around this hurdle (unless the only wine shop in Cockermouth suddenly stops selling wine, which I can assure you is not going to happen!), there are small changes we can make with the rest of our stock to aid in the prices and availability post Brexit.

Local, Cumbrian products have always been a key part of our shop; ever since we opened in 2008, we’ve stocked the likes of Claire’s Handmade, Cumbrian Cheeses from Thornby Moor & Appleby Creamery, Cumbrian Legendary Ales and Saunders Chocolates. Now trying to keep our wide variety of products without the hideous price tag, we have turned to good old Britain to help us out.

Introducing Woodalls – The home of British charcuterie. Woodalls were originally based here in Cumbria, down in Waberthwaite where they operated until 2013. They then relaunched and relocated to Manchester and have continued to grow ever since. Since they began in 1828, Woodalls have had their meats served on the Titanic and Concorde; eaten on the slopes of Everest and even been tasted by the queen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. They were also the first British company to make air dried ham to rival that of Italian Parma, now produced alongside a selection of slicing and snacking salami which are just to die for. We are currently phasing in their selection of their slicing meats, looking to expand over the next few months.


Woodalls Meats.JPG

Cumberland Salami – This great taste award winner is a pork-based salami filled ground spices and sage which gives it a lovely aromatic flavour

Spicy Cumberland Salami – Of a similar flavour profile to the Cumberland Salami with the added heat of paprika; giving a rich colour and smokiness.

Norfolk Mustard Salami, freshly sliced

Norfolk Mustard Salami, freshly sliced

Black Pepper & Garlic Salami – Classic pork salami mixed with black pepper, garlic and mustard powder, providing a punch to your taste buds

Norfolk Mustard Salami – A mixture of mustard seeds and mustard powder for a well rounded, not too sweet, not too spicy flavour.


All four of these salamis are available now in the deli varying from £3.00 - £3.65 per 100g. Call in to have a taste and see what they’re all about.