I’ve been talking for a few weeks now about all the amazing new things that we’re now stocking which is always super exciting for both you as the customer and us, but it’s so easy to forget the OG products and suppliers that have seen us through all these years. So, that being said, it’s time I gave a little shout out to a couple of our local cheese suppliers who’ve been with us since day one.


Mass scale cheese makers just aren’t what we’re about at Shill’s. We love and take pride in knowing that our local cheeses are exactly that; made in the county, with milk from animals only a stone throw away by people who live here. Both our local cheese suppliers give us all that and more.

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First up we have Appleby Creamery, the slightly larger establishment of the two but makers of fine cheese none the less. We stock around 6 of there cheeses at any given time, with this increasing towards the festive period to provide a wider selection for you to choose from. We simply can’t not have their Eden Valley Brie; an individual round (230g) of creamy brie, made with milk from Crofthead farm; it’s delicious as is on a cracker or baked in the oven to get that Instagram worthy ooze when dipped into with some freshly baked bread!

We also use their cheeses in our restaurant, whether that be on the daily changing cheese slate or in our home roast ham and cheese sandwich. For this we use the creamery’s Eden Chieftain. An award winning, cheddar style cheese with a well-rounded flavour perfect for cheese boards, sandwiches and even cooking! All of Appleby Creamery’s cheeses are suitable for vegetarians too; what more could you ask for!


Storing and maturing of Cumberland Farmhouse

Storing and maturing of Cumberland Farmhouse

Next, we have Thornby Moor Dairy. Established in 1979 by Carolyn Fairbairn, the dairy is now run by both Carolyn and Leonie Fairbairn and is located in the outbuildings of Crofton Hall Estate, just 8 miles west of Carlisle. All the cheeses made here are done so to original recipes using only single herd, raw milk. They are made using natural rennet from either calf or kid which unfortunately makes them unsuitable for vegetarians; however, they are delicious all the same!

On constant stock we have both their smoked and unsmoked Cumberland Farmhouse; Allerdale Goats; Blue Whinnow and Crofton. All these cheeses offer something different. Cumberland Farmhouse is a traditional English cheese, matured in cloth to give a rounded, mellow flavour and a smooth buttery texture. The smokehouse is home built; the cheese is slowly smoked over Cumbrian oak shavings to give a long-lasting smoky flavour without being too overpowering. Crofton is a semi-soft cheese made with mixed milk; 2 parts cows, 1-part goats. This interesting combination gives for a full flavour, perfect paired with a merlot on a Friday night!


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Small businesses are built to be the keepers of great cheese like this. Keep shopping where Local Supports Local.

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