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Carvetii Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Carvetii roast their coffee locally in Embleton and produce an espresso blend that regularly changes to make the most of the seasons around the world.
Our staff have been trained by Carvetii to produce a continental style of coffee but if you have a preference of how you like yours please ask.
Americano – Espresso topped with hot water, with or without milk (10oz) £2.20
Latte – Espresso topped with smooth foamed milk (10oz) £2.50
Cappuccino – Espresso topped with velvety frothed milk (8oz) £2.50
Flat White – Espresso topped with a smaller measure of smooth foamed milk (6oz) £2.30
Piccolo – Espresso topped with a short serving of foamed milk (4.5oz) £2.30
Espresso Macchiato – Espresso ‘marked’ with milk foam. £2.15
Espresso – In its purest form, sweet, balanced and of the moment! £1.90
Hot Chocolate From Saunders £2.95


The Wee Tea Company Tea Selection

The Wee Tea Company is based in Dunfermline, Scotland.
They have their own tea plantation which grows and processes tea in the Scottish highlands, and are committed to sourcing the very best loose leaf tea, ingredients and flavours to ensure you enjoy a great brew.
Breakfast Tea – A full and robust hearty blend of Assam and Ceylon teas. £1.95
Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea – Classic Earl Grey flavours, softened by the Mallow Flowers. £2.15
Darjeeling Tea – Grown only in the Himalayas, look for nutty and slightly floral flavours £2.15
from perhaps the world’s most famous tea region.
Green Tea – This chinese green tea displays slightly smoky and peppery undertones. £2.15
Camomile Tea – Naturally sweet and calming, ideal in the midst of the noise and haste! £2.15
Peppermint Tea – Ideal for aiding digestion, peppermint is fresh and soothing. £2.15
Rooibos Tea – Native to South Africa’s Western Cape, this tea is naturally caffeine free,
and offers fruity, earthy flavours. £2.15
Apple Tea – Sweet, juicy, fresh apple flavours. £2.15
Ginger Chai – Based on a traditional Indian masala chai. Black tea, spices and citrus. £2.15
Mango and Passionfruit Tea – Exotic, fruity flavours to excite your pallet! £2.15


Cold Drinks

Iced Milky Coffee £2.30
Mango – Apple – Pink Lemonade – Orange – Elderflower £1.80
Coca-Cola/ Diet Coke (200ml bottle) £1.50
Schweppes Lemonade (200ml bottle) £1.50
Willow Water – Still or Sparkling 330ml £1.50/ 750ml £2.75




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